Walkthrough Edit

  1. The first time you enter your Basement, you realize the lights are broken and you can't see anything.
  2. Purchase a Flashlight at the Shop.
  3. Now when you enter the Basement, you can see.
  4. Search around and find the Mysterious Box. It's locked, and you need to find some way to open it.
  5. Use a Meditation Pill to sneak into Natalie's house. Peep on Natalie bathing to discover her unique tattoo on her foot. Use this knowledge to enter her basement, where you will meet Abbie, her sex slave. Regardless of what you do with Abbie, after leaving Natalie's house Abbie will appear in your Basement.
  6. Complete the quest Abbie, The Slave Girl.
  7. Abbie will unlock the Mysterious Box for you. Inside you will find a Mysterious Key.
  8. After completing The Penetration quest, return to Area 69 to use the Mysterious Key on the Mysterious Door to complete the quest.