Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers for v0.04!
Sophia is a nun and one of the head conspirators (along with Betty and Lucy) in the plot against the evil henchmen that results in you getting your powers. She seems innocent and yet is often wearing promiscuous clothing. She is involved in a number of quests and is one of your main contacts early in the game.

Meeting Edit

You meet Sophia during the Church Job quest. She is dressed like a nun and yet her outfit reveals both an ample amount of cleavage and her bare ass. She brings you to her office and explains that she can help you make money and get laid, but only if you agree to be part of an experiment.

Beach Babe Edit

After your operation, Sophia is found at the Beach in a revealing bikini, supposedly watching the Hotel next to the beach where the Head Henchman is supposedly staying. She asks you to lather sunscreen on her, allowing you to touch her ass. Later, she asks you for a drink. Should you feel like it, you can put a sedative in the drink, which knocks her out. You attempt to bring her back to your house, but are stopped by the incompetent life guard, who tells you to put her in the Beach Tower instead. You put her there and tie her up, planning to come back later.

Missing Nun Edit

When you return to the Beach Tower at a later point, you find blood everywhere and Sophia missing. For a while, you can't imagine where she would have gone. Then, during the Deeper into Area 69 quest, after you exit Building E, you find Sophia outside of Building F. Being able to read her mind, you can tell that she's not excited to see you, but she faints shortly thereafter and you bring her back to your Basement.