Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers for v0.04!
Poppa (a.k.a. Billy Bob) is an 18 year old girl who is in charge of the Nightclub. She hired Ashley-Kate and Mary as strippers and has some affiliation with the henchman and the scientists at Area 69.

Meeting Edit

You first encounter Poppa on the Taken quest at the Nightclub. Poppa owns the Nightclub and is mad at you for running off with Ashley-Kate. When you meet her at first, you think she is a guy. She punches you and knocks you out.

Peeping Tom Edit

There is a chance early in the game to peek in on Poppa showering at the Gym. When exploring around, you can peek in to the locker room on the left side and get a glimpse of her, although you don't know who she is at the time.

The Supplier Edit

While investigating Area 69, you learn that Poppa is one of the suppliers who is sending girls to Area 69 to be experimented on. This is unsettling, as you know that your two sisters were under his employ.

Unsuspecting Masseuse Edit


Later, after discovering that Poppa owns a Massage Parlor in Pleasantville and tracking her there, you meet Angel at the front desk who informs you that you need to buy a massage. After conceding and getting a massage, you quickly realize that your masseuse is Poppa—and she's a girl, not a man as you had been led to believe. Things almost turn violent, but she explains that she had no idea what was happening to the girls he was sending to Area 69 and you two work out a deal, in which you'll manage the Nightclub and Poppa will help you get Mary back.