Mary is one of your two adopted younger sisters. She is sweet and innocent and looks up to you. One day, when you're not home, she opens a letter addressed to you about your large debt. This worries Mary and your other younger sister, Ashley-Kate, and they decide to find work to help you pay off the debt.

Toys Are For Kids Edit

After buying a flashlight, you can explore your Basement and find a Toy Box. Clicking on the Toy Box brings up a memory of Ashley-Kate and Mary using one of your action figures as a double-ended dildo.

Good Girl Gone Bad Edit

Eventually, your younger sisters decide to become waitresses at the local Nightclub to help pay off your debt. They don't want you to know, so they tell you they are going on a school field trip for a couple weeks.

After some time, you grow suspicious and call the school. After finding out that school has been out for summer break for a few weeks now, you start worrying about where your younger sisters could be. You discover Ashley-Kate's diary and learn that they decided to work at the Nightclub. You rush off to find them.

Through a strange course of events, you end up having sex with Mary—and take her virginity—without realizing it until you're about to cum. You quickly put your clothes back on and carry her home. She doesn't seem to have any memory of the event, but also doesn't know where Ashley-Kate is. Someone has been messing with her brain.