NOTE: This is not a quest per se, but I thought I'd include it just for the sake of completion.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Mary is concerned about her brother. Head to the bank to check on his debt.
  2. The banker tells her the debt has been paid, so she decides to check the school for her sister, Ashley-Kate. Go to the school and speak to Elise, who says she hasn't seen her. Exit the school and Mary thinks that maybe she is in the hospital.
  3. Head to the hospital and speak to Dan and Victoria. After an awkward conversation, Mary decides to check the Cafe. Head there and speak to the man by the cash register, but again no luck.
  4. Mary thinks to check the Basement. Head back home and try the basement door, but it's locked. The key is in the bathroom, by the sink. Head down to the basement for a strange scene in which a horny Abbie tries to have sex with Mary. Confused, Mary heads back upstairs, where the evil Scientist is waiting for her, to take her away.
  5. NOTE: This ends the playthrough for v0.052.