Walkthrough Edit

  1. Find Elise in the Student Council room on the second floor of the school.
  2. When you enter, you find her reading a book without any pants on.
    1. If you keep watching, you can:
      1. Look at her panties (careful: she farts) and read her mind to find out she wants to sit on your face. If you demand a sexual favor, you'll suck her nipples (confidence increases, morality significantly decreases). If you forgive her, your confidence significantly decreases, but your morality increases.
      2. Look at her book, which is a scripture about the legends surround you. She bends down and her nipples peek out. If you tell her, your confidence and morality both increase slightly. If you don't say anything, your confidence and morality both slightly decrease.
    2. If you disturb her, your morality and confidence both increase, but you get no scene.
  3. She explains to you that there is a gas leak in a hallway in the basement. Go down to the basement of the school and enter the door that was previously roped off. Find the leak at the end of it and repair it. You notice a crack in the wall, however, and think you might be able to break through it.
  4. Make sure you've completed Dolly, Where Art Thou? (Quest) and The New Age (Quest) and have the Sex Doll in your party (if she isn't, go to your basement and ask her to follow you).
  5. Return to the hallway where the leak was and interact with the crack in the hole. The Doll will break it open far enough that you can fit through it.