Spoiler Alert: This page contains spoilers from v0.04!
Little is known about the creepy phantom girl who appears in front of the Mysterious Door the first time you enter Area 69 and urges you to open it. Perhaps a victim of the strange experiments going on at Area 69, perhaps your very own Angel of Death, she holds many secrets—but might be the key to it all.

Freaked Out? Turned On? Or Just Plain Confused? Edit

When she first appears to you when you are on The Penetration quest, she doesn't speak but only points at a locked door. After completing The Basement quest, you know that the key to the door was put in your Basement by your sister-in-law. All of a sudden, you have so many connections bringing you together with the web of mysteries that surround you.

The creepy girl appears to you naked and with her lips stitched together. She would be kind of hot, if it weren't for the fact that she's most likely dead. Or maybe that's what you're into.

Later, during the Deeper into Area 69 quest, she appears to you again. When you ask her if she needs help, she replies that you are the one who needs it.

A Familiar Face Edit


While competing the Victoria's Clitoris quest, you see a picture of Victoria when she was younger. Almost immediately you recognize the resemblance between Victoria's younger self and the Creepy Girl you met in Area 69. Could it be?