Walkthrough Edit

  1. Speak to the old man in the park in Pleasantville.
  2. He asks you to help him clean the trash out from under the benches.
    1. If you accept, you get the quest.
    2. If you refuse to do it, he leaves and you don't get the quest. If you visit the Bookstore later, a girl will appear and not be happy with you.
  3. (If you accepted) Search under the benches and then talk to the old man. If he says you haven't searched all the benches, go back and keep searching until he says you got them all.
  4. He gives you $10 and says he'll let word out of what you did. Your morality slightly increases.
  5. Visit the Bookstore later and a girl will give you a couple of Cuma Colas for helping the old man.