Walkthrough Edit

  1. Go to the Public Restrooms in the Park.
  2. Enter the Women's Restroom.
  3. Check the suspicious looking door with the glory hole next to it, and you'll find a girl inside who's been stuck and asks you for your help.
    1. If you make her suck your dick, Morality will decrease by 5. She will be hesitant at first, but then start liking it and ask you to open the door so you can have sex. Upon opening the door, however, you realize that she is a Tranny.
      1. If you fuck her anyways, you can put on a condom if you have one, or just fuck her raw. After you finish, she tells you she'll see you again sometime and runs off.
      2. If you decide not to fuck her, you grab Betty's bag and leave.
    2. If you open the door, she tells you that she'll pay you back for helping her sometime in the future. Morality increases by 5.
  4. Bring the bag back to Betty in the Hospital to complete the quest.(At this time, if you have a Phone, Betty will give you her phone number. (Though this number is useless.) If not, you will start the Connecting People quest.)