Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers for v0.04!
Angel is a tough biker girl who struts around in a revealing latex outfit. She catches you reappearing after using your Invisibility power at the Hotel for The Head Henchman quest, and tries to blackmail you into killing the henchman in the park for her.

Bad to the Bone Edit

If you decide to fulfill Angel's request, you'll take a huge hit to your Morality. She'll give you a brief flash of her tits, but will stop as soon as you try to escalate things a little further. She leaves you with a promise of more at a later date.

If you deny her request and don't kill the henchman, you'll preserve your Morality, but you make an enemy of Angel.

Massage With A (Not-So) Happy Ending Edit

After learning that Poppa has another place in Pleasantville, you track him to the Massage Parlor where you find Angel working at the front desk. She's a bit embarrassed for you to see her there, but she also seems attracted to you due to your secret powers.

After completing the Club Boss quest, Angel gives you a special message with a happy ending as part of your deal with Poppa. However, in the middle of your happy ending, four hooded figures enter the room and shoot Angel in the chest, most likely killing her.