Spoiler Warning: This page contains spoilers for v0.04!
Aaliyah is a police woman serving on the Sad Valley police force. She can be found at the Police Station. She is also an old family friend of yours.

Meeting Edit

You first meet Aaliyah during the Ashley-Kate and Mary quest. She tells you she is busy but will file the paperwork saying that they are missing. She also mentions that you have grown up a lot since the last time she saw you.

Crime Pays Edit

Later, after discovering the two shady men in the warehouse by the Pier and agreeing to take their package, you have the option to report them to Aaliyah in the Police Station. If you do, you head back to the warehouse with her and attack the men. After you beat them, they throw a vial on the ground and a mist comes out, causing the men to disappear—and also making Aaliyah very horny. She falls to her knees and begins feeling herself and stripping. If you have a high morality, you whisk her away to the Hospital. If you have a low morality, you can either leave her alone or take advantage of her and remove her clothing and force your cock into her mouth.